"With candor and documentary simplicity, writer-director Yair Hochner conveys the danger and loneliness of the urban sexual underworld and the fragile bonds that develop among people who can express anything but love." Albert Williams, Chicago Reader

"Yair Hochner captures the grittiness of these young, vulnerable lives in a film that is surprisingly raw (especially for an Israeli film) and even a bit erotic" - Gary M. Kramer, Philadelphia Gay News

"Hochner wisely offers hope in lieu of resolution, overcoming the limitations of his amateur video look" Shaun Brady, City Paper, Philadelphia

"Good boys" is rigorous intense film. The word 'excruciating' fails in comparison to the events presented in it. It is almost as if the dirty aesthetics, the unbearably tormented stories and the excellent acting come together to push the audience down to the gutters it portrays while instilling a hopeless wish for the sun to shine on the protagonists.
Aharon Kashles , "Globes" Magazine

Good boys succeeds where other, far more costly films often fail - creating a credible, valid and moving world.
Liat Simon - Kids: Yair Hochner's Good Boys -
Contemporary Israeli Gay cinema between Amos Guttman and Eitan Fox.
"Maarvon" - New Israeli Fim Magazine

"Good Boys is the great surprise of Israeli cinema this year"
Review of Israeli films, Rita Koren, Israel Broadcast Association

"'Good Boys' is a courageous piece of filmmaking, a remarkable personal project that does exactly what an independent movie should do: not be a mainstream movie and please everybody, and not appeal to the general taste. I value the honesty and dedication that were put into this film..."
- Yair Ravee, "Pnai Plus"

"'Good Boys' is a film that you cannot ignore and the shivering you feel while watching it will remind you" - Dvorit Shargal - "Rating"

"'My Own Private Idaho' in Tel Aviv...An impressive piece that succeeds thrilling and touching the audience. Excellent!!" - Avner Shavit, "Ha-ir"

"Loved its humanity, the Tel Aviv Cinematheque did well to screen it" Amir Kaminer, "Yediot Aharonot"

"Gila Goldstein in a strong and heart-rending guest appearance" - Ina Michaeli, "Achbar Ha-ir"

"Succeeds in conveying authentically and horrifyingly the feelings of alienation and loneliness of two young male prostitutes" - Rita Koren, Israel Broadcast Association

"This Israeli indie film achievement - its daring. " - Meir Shnitzer, Maariv

"Personal and interesting cinema" - Iris Lakner, iwoman

The First Cut is the Deepest
An article about the indie scene in Israel
By Alon Adar. Photo by Nir Kafri
Haaretz Magazine, January 2006