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    Director's Note
    After I wrote the script I asked my good friend Keren Yedaya to direct it. She advised me to do it myself, in order to ensure that the film would be shot as I envisioned it. I had considered myself primarily as a writer and so I also asked my friend Tomer Heymann to direct it. He gave me the same counsel.

    After sixteen days of shooting, on a 500$ budget employing an arsenal of young cast and crew members and a first time director joined together to tell the story of young people in Tel Aviv who sell their body for money.

    It was the best (though not the easiest) experience in my life, and it encouraged me to direct my future scripts.
    For this I wish to thank the friends who encouraged me to take the leap.
    I hope you will enjoy this site.
    More important - go and see the movie and get to know the real people behind the mask of prostitution.

    Thank you,
    Yair Hochner
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    Director's Biography
    Yair Hochner, born in Kfar Save, Israel.
    After he finished his three years service in the Israeli Defense Force (that included sleeping and doing almost nothing), he started his studies at "Kamera Obscura" art school (1997-2000). He graduated with distinction.
    Short scripts that he wrote received support from "Eli Gelfand Fund", the "America Israel Cultural Foundation", the "Yehoshua Rabinovits Fund for Arts" and the "Snunit" fund of channel 2.
    With the support of the directors Keren Yedaya and Tomer Heiman he decided to direct his next script himself.

    Yair makes his living as a teacher of cinema in a schools and as a writer and a film critic of the Israeli leading site about cinema, "Seret".
    In 2006 he initiated with Gadi Leshman The LGBT Film Festival in Tel Aviv.
    Movies for the second LGBT Film Festival can now be sent according to details in the Contact section.

    Yair has written articles for the "Cinematheque Magazine". He also wrote short stories for the "Tel Aviv" newspaper and for "Camera Obscura" magazine, some of which were used for student films.
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    The Director's Influences
    In the opening scene I tried to make a tribute to Jean-Luc Godard's cinematic masterpiece "Vivre sa vie" ("My Life to Live") which in my opinion is the best film ever made about prostitution.
    The scene with the old client was much influenced by the work of Amos Gutman, an innovative gay Israeli filmmaker; although It was not intentional.
    I saw the film "My Own Private Idaho" by Gus Van Sant when I was in high school and it is one of my favorite films ever. I guess the enormous human strength of my characters is inspired by Gus Van Sant's characters.
    Dennis Cooper' prose is among the most violent and provocative I have ever read. I tried to convey its uncompromising intensity in my film.
    Brian De Palma is one of my favorite directors and almost every film he made is a visual delight. I love his erotic thrillers that are directly influenced by the work of Alfred Hitchcock. One of the first drafts of "Good Boys" was more like a horror erotic thriller but eventually evolved to a realistic drama. Still, one may see the connection to De Palma, the king of cinematic twists.
    Catherine Breillat ("Anatomy of Hell") does not stop to amaze me with her sexually bold though quite problematic movies. I was influenced by her approach to how sex should be expressed in cinematic work, but I admit I am not as extreme as she is.
    Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne the bravery of these realistic creators always appealed to me. No doubt "Good Boys" is much influenced by my watching many of their films. Their way of telling a story, criticizing and all without neglecting the development of the most human characteristics is one of the challenges I strive to accomplish in my film.
    Every John Waters' film is a celebration of cinema and I can watch his work again and again. When I decided to cast the Israeli diva Gila Goldstein I knew that she would represent the perfect camp aspect. I intend to make a pure camp John Waters style movie in the future and I hope Gila Goldstein will take part in it.
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